A well-preserved wooden town

Visiting Nora is like stepping into a museum, but with the difference that here it is all real. The town lives with its history, and is today one of Sweden’s most well-preserved small towns. The wooden facades and the pleasant homesteads are all details that remind one of what life used to be like. The streets of Nora are laid out in the classic grid, and many houses and homesteads look as they did in the 1700s and 1800s. The town is characterised by mining and has enjoyed township privileges since 1643. In Nora, the powerful mine owners met to make plans and do business. The well-preserved milieu makes Nora a member of Tre Trästäder (The Three Wooden Towns) together with Eksjö and Hjo.

Discover Nora on your own

Learn more about Nora's history through a town tour on your own. With the help of a town tour folder, avaible at the tourist office, you can explore the town and learn more about houses and yards.