Alntorps Ö

Alntorps Ö is a popular island during the summer months. Since the island in Norasjön lake was donated to the town in 1926, it has been an oasis for both Nora residents and visitors.

With the boat M/S Plaskus you can reach Alntorps Ö from June until the middle of September. Here you can cool yourself with a dip in the lake, discover the apple tree gene bank or just enjoy Nora from the lakeside. On the island is a bathing beach with jetties and jumping tower, a kiosk, miniature golf, gene bank with fruit trees and BBQ area. For the littlest ones there is a troll path and if you wish to explore the island there is a 3 km long circular trail.

Dogs. You are welcome to bring your dog out onto the island. Of course you must keep it on a lead and poop-scoop. Dogs are not welcome on the bathing beach but there are other places where dogs can go down to the water.

Camping. Take a tent with you and sleep overnight on the island. Places where it is good to camp are marked out on the map above. Allemansrätten (Right of Public Access) applies on the island