Noradagarna 3–6/7

If anything is a popular festival, then it is these three days in the heart of Nora. There is something for all tastes: a giant flea market for bargain-hunters, carousels and street merchants, fun activities for big and little children, entertainment and nostalgic experiences.

Noramarken 31/8–1/9

Visit Nora Market in the end of August. You can take it as easy as you like –
and even ride a vintage train. Once you arrive, entertaining experiences await you, with lots of street vendors, pop-up markets and activities. Take the opportunity to make a real bargain and remember to ride the carousel and eat sweets.

Ljusstråk 7-8/9

During the first weekend in September Nora is immersed in culture. The district’s artists open their studios and galleries for everyone. Dance, music, poetry and theatre are also served up. A lot happens in Nora it-self, but the entire region comes alive.

Nora julmarknad 7–8/12

During the annual Christmas market, with handicrafts and farm products on the streets and in courtyards, Nora teems with life. The town’s shops are decked out for Christmas, the dazzlingly white church offers enthralling concerts and the ice cream comes in Christmassy flavours. Artisans and artists in the cultural district
Bryggeriet invite you to Christmas coziness of the highest class.