Freshly made NoraGlass Ice-cream

NoraGlass is the freshly made delicacy which has been produced here since 1923. When Selma Gerdin began the ice-cream factory, it was waffles that played the lead role and the ice-cream was an extra. Today it is the opposite.

Since 1923 residents of Nora and visitors have been able to enjoy freshly made delicious ice cream . During the summer days, NoraGlass offers three flavors – vanilla, hazelnut and a special flavor of the day. NoraGlass makes their ice cream from scratch according to a secret recipe on the same day the ice cream is served. The ice cream is sold in the kiosk on Glasstorget and at Strandstugan and Selma G, both located along the shore walk. Check out the ice
cream menu at Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.