Siggebohyttans bergmansgård

Be enchanted by one of Bergslagen’s most magnificent miner’s homesteads. Siggebohyttan is located in the middle of Bergslagen’s rural idyll with a magnificent view over Lake Usken. Here you can discover how a wealthy miner lived in the 1800s.

Here the old walls bear 300 years of history and wandering around in the different rooms is like being transported back in time. When you step into the homestead you are greeted by the older commoner style and also fine rooms and bourgeois salons. There are wall decorations, bread-cakes on ceiling bars, hexagonal heating stove and many fine items to view. The homestead was owned by the same family for 100 years, from the time when Andres Olsson built it at the end of the 1700s. In the homestead is a manor building, a loft shed, a stable and a bake house. What makes this homestead a little special is the 38-meter long loft passage in the manor house. During the summer season there is a little café and a shop with local crafts, books and gifts.

Visit the miner’s homestead and wander round in the rooms and experience how a wealthy miner’s home looked around 1860.

Discover the mining area

By following the old church path to the mining area you will find traces of the hard work that the mine-workers had to endure to support themselves. Here there are the remains of coal mines, ironworks and heavy transports. The path is marked and there are also information boards that relate the area’s history in text and pictures.