The Manor House Göthlinska gården

Visit a unique museum and immerse yourself in what life could have been like for a Bourgeois family around the turn of the last century. The Göthlinska Manor is a well-preserved time capsule, in central Nora.

The Göthlin family home from the second half of the 1800s looks exactly as it did when it was donated to the town by the youngest daughter Ingrid (d.1961). Here time has stood still. As a visitor you can experience and be fascinated by the items and details that bear witness to the interests of the Göthlin family. There is evidence of Miss Ingrid’s interests, porcelain painting, but also art, photography, furniture, toys and ornaments dating from the 1600s onwards. The beautiful garden with views over Norasjön lake is open to visitors and in the lake house is Selma G’s waffle café. The Göthlinska Manor House is a protected building.

Visit Göthlinska gården

The house is open for visitors certain days during the season.