Mountain bike

Cycle on historic trails, between tree trunks, forward on narrow duckboards and downward flowtrails. MTB enthusiast or families with children on an adventure. There is something here for all cyclists!

Take your bike and whiz along on beautiful and historically exciting paths in forest surroundings. With a start at Digerberget and miner’s village Pershyttan, you reach several challenging mountain bike trails. There is everything from short and child-friendly, to longer and more demanding trails. At Digerberget you will find two pump tracks and technical track. At Kottaberget a number of flowtrails are currently being developed, which must be tested at the first opportunity. In Nyhyttan north of Nora is a new area for MTB with three trails. Why not try out Gruvrundan or Paradisrundan? If you haven’t had enough of amazing forest cycling there is a trail system in Hjulsjö with cycling in unique and exciting natural surroundings.

Pershyttan/Kottaberget. Starting from Digerberget or Pershyttan Visitor Centre you can reach twelve different trails totalling 220 km. Several trails go through the mining town of Pershyttan and out on historic paths. There is everything from shorter child-friendly trails to technical and longer demanding trails. All trails go in a loop back to the same starting point. At Digerberget there are two pump tracks and a technical track. In Kottaberget a number of flow trails are under development. Trails in Pershyttan Länk till annan webbplats.

Nyhyttan. Along the road between Nora and Hjulsjö lake, lies the old health resort Nyhyttan, beautiful in a hilly Bergslag landscape with lakes, mines and rivers. Three different trails start here; one blue and two red. Trails in Nyhyttan Länk till annan webbplats.

Hjulsjö. Starting at Hjulsjö exercise centre opposite the red wooden church, are twelve MTB-tracks totalling 190 km. The paths undulate along sandy ridges and disused railway embankments, between burial mounds and foundries. The paths are of varied levels of difficulty and suited to both beginners and those more accustomed. By the starting point are technical tracks, cycle rental and pitches.
Trails in Hjulsjö Länk till annan webbplats.

Mountain Bike Maps

See all the MTB trails in Nora/Pershyttan, Hjusjö and Ånnaboda.
Maps are on sale at the tourist center in the station building.