Nora Tourist center

At the tourist center you can get help finding activities, accommodation and attractions and get tips and ideas to make your visit to Nora a memorable experience. At the tourist center there is free wifi and a public computer. Nora Tourist Center is an authorized tourist center.

Opening hours
Monday-Wednesday-Friday10.00-16.00, lunch 12.00-13.00
Tuesday and Tursday 10.00-15.00, lunch 12.00-13.00

Nora Turistbyrå
Järnvägsgatan 1, 713 31 Nora
Tel. +46 (0)587-811 20

Service at Nora Library

In the library there are daily newspapers and a large number of magazines to read on site. In addition, you can get access to about 7500 digital newspapers and magazines from around the world via the "Press Reader" service. In the library there is also free wifi, public computers and it is possible to copy, scan and print.